Feb 1, 2011
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Hey guys,

I asked few people that i know about my problem, they send me here since they havent encountered something similar (except one).

I play with Inter, i am in 2019 years as for now. SO, i'll just copy what i wrote on another forum:

Pajo1988 said:
Does anyone else have problem with home grown players? I mean, generated players dont become home grown!

I am 2019 now. Most of the people are retired, some are still playing but are over 27.. So, my word is, the generated players in the game do not become home grown. No association trained, no club trained. I have few guys bought when they were 15-16, and they are lets say 21-22, and they are counted as foreighners. Even italians, i have like 10 or more italians in the team, and besides Destro, Ranocchia and Bonucci, neither is home grown :(

As an addition, no matter if they come from my youth team, or are bought since they are 15-16, they still dont become home grown? Any update or sollution to this?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I couldnt find similar thread, if there is one, merge :)
i have the same problem with arsenal and im in 2017 all my regens are french or english and have had most of them in my youth team since they were 15
me too. Its sick. Seems SI are just ignoring it too..... I cant find an answer anywhere, ruined the game.
hi guys, did anyone find a solution for this?
the same thing with HG players is happening to me :(
It happened to me too. Then I installed 11.3 patch and its fixed ;)
if ur youngster Starts and gets HIS FIRST INTERNATIONAL CAP (not u21 caps) the HG status gets called off.

i had sanogo and nemayr at the start, both 17. now in england. if a player has played 3+ years in england, and before reaching 21, then he's eligible for HG satus. i found the answer y myself thanks to germany. but for neymar and songo, since they played better, they get called up and get their first cap.

the German team is all grey, and unmanageable. for that fact, my regen, who as 16 nad 4 star rating, stayed 3+ whole years, and with not international experience, once he's 21, he gets the HG status.

this is in england HG staus rule, i havent done any 'FMRTE' tweaks.
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here's a HG table of Arsenal save. the due date colum is when he'll get HG grant.

View attachment 174109

now this neymar's status. since he had is first cap at 17, the hg status is gone . dispite playing for 7 years in my arsenal save, no hg. same wiht samogo, and my other czech regen aged 19
*sango is injured, and my czech regen is on loan somewhere else, so i filtered them out

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hope i answered your questions
Hi, when playing on fm11, recentley it has just started saying football manager has stopped working and it crashes and i have to restart it. It happens at any time, even at half time!!! It's really fustrating and any help would be appreciated
Neymars birthday is the 15th february, he turns 21 on the 15 february 2013.

You need a player at your club for 1095 days prior to their 21st birthday.

If you sign neymar on the 1st july 2010, he would only pass 960 days upto his 21st birthday, meaning he would never gain the right for the home-grown status.
The 960 days is from, and including, the 1st july 2010, upto, but not including, the 15th february 2013 (Neymars 21st birthday).

To have neymar home-grown you would have to sign him 135 days prior to the 1st july.


I know this doesn't explain every situation, but pay more attention to birthdates and contract start dates, in the cases this doesn't account for, i have no idea whats going on, but i have experienced the similar before, but only with a player i released so never thought twice about it.

What patch are you using?
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im using 11.2 patch.

but any ways. i thinks its also cuz of getting ur first interantional cap that makes the HG status gone. like my czech CB is started at bolton, and i bought him at 18. then i just used him in my first XI for the first month, and i was impressed on his abilites. form here, he was called up ,and got his first cap, and i check teh table to see his the hg status i available, but no. its gone.
If you bought him at 18, it could be the same as i said is the case with neymar.

As for the others i really have no ideas.

As for Hazzaz98, you should really open a new topic instead of hijacking anothers problems, but try reinstalling, if this doesn't help open a new topic and give further details of your problems