Home Grown Status - Crash Dumps Help


Sep 14, 2010
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I'm England manager and because I am nothing short of an idiot I changed the views to Home Grown Status on my National Pool and it immediately came up with a crash dump and closed the game, whenever I reopen it and go into my national pool now it does the exact same thing because it's stuck on Home Grown Status, any ideas how to fix it?
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I have the same problem with my game, did you ever get a solution for this?
remove all aditional files like skin, facepack etc.
My installation is a completely vanilla one, no add-ons of any description.
Top Stuff!! Deleting the settings folder has done the trick. Much appreciated!
I just stopped playing that game, got rid of my facepack because it seemed to be causing problems and now things are fine on other saves, I did follow the instructions in that other thread, yet to test my game since I got rid of the facepacks though, thanks!
i have this problem and i dont use facepacks ahaha errrrr its ****** annoying, any ideas to help