Home performances shocking after stamium share for season


Nov 16, 2010
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Anyone else had this? Im Preston and sharing Turf Moor (big rivals) with Burnley and we are terrible at Turf Moor. Im sure this isn't a coincidence as last season we were fantastic now we are drawng with bottom half of the table clubs.

Someone share an opinion or preferrably past experience, thanks:'(
Did you get promoted last year ? If so, then I would say that it's because you are now facing " bottom teams", teams sitting deeper and playing cautious against you, that this year are likely to actually be better or equal in defending than you are in attacking.

If you did not get promoted, then it's natural something else though, but I don't think it's a " ground issue ". Mind you, I have not played my home matches at a venue that is not my own.
Same happened with me.
I'm Blues and had to share at the Ricoh whilst St Andrew's was being expanded.
Lost once at home all season then move to the Ricoh and lose nine at home.
I have not had that problem. I have played the majority of back-to-back seasons at New Plough Lane, who I assume I share with AFC Wimbeldon, while Victoria Road gets improved and expanded. But a home game against a lesser, underperforming opponent, is a guaranteed defeat.