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Jan 10, 2011
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Hey all, I'm new to FM (actually new to "football" all together) and am looking for some kind souls to help me out with my tactic. I've downloaded some nice tactics on here but I find it much more enjoyable winning with my own. Problem is, I'm having a tough time completely understanding what makes a tactic successful.

First, some background. I'm an American (thus football in quotations) who has lived, loved, and played our style of football but now have come to my senses in realizing that "soccer" is the one true sport of the world (though I'll always be more passionate about our football). I played on the defensive side of football (American) and that has translated over into my idea of a good soccer team. I believe if you have possession of the ball and do whatever you can to get it back when you don't have it, and have a solid defense, you're chances of winning in the end will increase tenfold. And, although I love seeing a well placed goal or exciting touchdown, the only thing that really matters at the end of the day is the score line.

So, here's my custom tactic created in hopes of keeping possession and taking advantage of scoring opportunities when they arise. I wanted to post in the forum before I uploaded it to get some feedback first, because I've seen how brutal people can be on here without lending anything constructive to the tactic creator (in the upload section).

Basically, the idea is to have an aggressive team that fights for the ball and can keep it. I'm playing as AFC Wimbledon and went unbeaten through friendlies (tied West Ham & Hartlepool 1-1, beat Oldham 2-1) and have got the season off to a good start, winning 2 of 3 and not conceding a single goal. So, defense is where I want it. Problem is, I only usually win possession with 52-55% and I want more. Any tips on how to improve possession and keep defense solid would be gratefully accepted.