Dec 19, 2010
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I don't know WHY but my tactics I import never stay saved after a day progresses so I have to go back and reimport it every game and set the positions myself since my assman can't do it. Is there something wrong? (evidently) but what is it? (Sorry for thread duplication meant to post it here first)

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More info: I cannot use my own tactics or other imported ones because after placed in effect the turn into a tactic named "unnamed" that is a standard 442 formation

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cmon mates this is fooking insane

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Ahh I think I know the source I manage Vietnam and Barcelona yet my Vietnamese team has all of the tactics I imported yet my Barcelona side is missing all the tactics and will not use anything but a 442 which is something I can't change
that's because you didn't save the tactic, perhaps?
Naw I... wait what save what tactic the imported one or me new one? I made a tactic, didn't save it, then made a new one, did save it yet it persists
well, I'm not sure what's happening on your machine
have you patched the game, btw?

some bugs like that usually on unpatched version
is the tactic you're going to import for FM11?
make sure it's for FM11 and not FM10
Yea even my old Fm11 tactics won't import but the thing is even if I import a FM11 one the system will automatically revert to the "unnamed" tactic
well, I don't think I can help you on this

Ahh it's alright I'll see if I leave the Vietnam job will do it but I was in the Qualifying stages for the WC and was doing good so :'(
wa, it looks so interesting! i like it ~
very happy to meet you here! i want share everything with you
Boxxy is my queen!

I had this happen to me on 11.1.2 but the new patch fixed it for me
What is this "n00 patch" that you speak of, you mean 11.2? Because I think mines is out of date yet Steam tinks uderwise.

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This game is no longer operable at least my save which I spent 8 foocking seasons on.