Hotel Dusk (wish room)


Sep 17, 2005
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amazing game for the ds. was difficult at times but it's adictive you say the wrong thing and you get a game over there is lots of clue's and the story is very good it all just unfolds at the end.

anyone else got a ds or play it?

Los Angeles, 1979. Players take the role of Kyle Hyde, an ex-cop turned salesman trying to track down a missing friend. Clues lead to an eerie, old hotel rumored to have one very strange room - a room where wishes are granted. Players check in and get ready for a night of surprises as they meet a cast of unusual characters and try to unravel the mystery in Hotel Dusk: Room 215, a gritty new graphic adventure for the Nintendo DS.
I've seen someone playing it and it looked kind of interesting. Better than most the **** fro the DS anyway like brain training, face training, and the lawyer game. :D
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
phoenix wright is mint game, and im stuck on hotel dusk :(
If you're ever stuck on a game just google for a walkthrough/FAQ.

Neoseeker usually have something or everything.