House of flying daggers


Sep 28, 2005
Reaction score
Just watched it, its awful,tripe, poor, boring,drags on,flat,boring,**** so on so forth.

The little story it has is poor. Its got potential to be really good, but the director chews it up and spits it out.

Only plus, as expected, is ziyi she was quite good, but man whatta smile, that can melt an iceberg. The actions average.

And right at the end, she has a dagger in her heart she doesnt die or get up, love her life comes she cant get up, big brawl, she doesnt get up, she sleeps thru a phucking blizzard and then when u think shes finished, shes goes and issues a death threat.......what bullshat....

high expectations, high failure....somewhere between 3 and 4 out of 10..I bought it at a bargin sale and i feel ripped off


And leeroy, memoirs of a geisha ****** all over this film..
LMAO, Sean loves this film

as Redders says "PJS"
ITs true in this case....anyway this films chinese innit...the best bit of the film was the commentry... cos then u didnt hav to listen to the crappy dialogue, u got to listen to the ridiculous ideas that the director had behind this film and swweet ziyi s voice...

whose seen hero btw ?
You have lost my respect Murali. This is one of my favourite films ever :(

PS. I have Hero on DVD too and I like that but not as much as House of Flying Daggers.