How can i beat this tactic?!


Sep 27, 2015
Hi! So, a guy in my online save uses this tactic right here: Ultra Attacking 4-1-3-2 | FM Scout

Even though it seems like an overly- attacking tactic it is surprisingly solid in defence. Does anyone of you guys have some tips or an formation that i could use to finally beat this son of *****? Would be very mutch appreciated!


Aug 6, 2014
I havent tried it ,but you may be able to counter this by strikerless formation, direct counter style, with two RMD on side and Treq in midle (AMC preferably to unsetlle his defence and create space) to exploite only one flaw of this defence, which is on wings. RMD-s as they move in space, and Treq is to create space. Other players have to be sitting back as you have tree players without defensive resposibility. You want to draw him and to force him to attack your block, and then use space that he leaves behind.

If you try possesion, there is no room...

Other then that, you can try three strikers formation, siting deep and go route one option in order to overload his CB-s... Eather way, close down less is must, as he will destroy you if you give him space behind your defence, and he will draw your CB-s with his two DLF-s and create lot of space for CMS and WB-s to run in... in this case, two f9 and Advance forward is ok combination. Settings for other players is same.

In bouth version, you may benefit if you leave only three CB-s and put more bodies in midfield (3-4-3-0 or 3-4-3 versions...)
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