Aug 2, 2011
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Hi guys

I'm currently on my Southampton save 3rd season, and have a great squad, problem however is that I'm leaking goals, anyone have any tips to shore up my defense.

Here is the formation a narrow 4-2-3-1
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Team Instructions
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Any comments or feedback welcome, if any more screenshots are needed I can do that to

change your CD to one to cover and other to stopper. change very fluid to Rigid . :)
make one of the CM's or both ball winners or CM defend or both DLP Defend!

there is going to be quite a large gap between your mids and defenders and need someone to fill up that gap, especially when you are playing against a team with an AMC...

change from very fluid to fluid (against weaker teams) or balanced (against stronger teams) as you do not want your defenders pushing too far forward trying to get involved with the play...

I would put Isco on support or just have his run from deep setting to never or sometimes so he drops deeper into the middle of the field to look for the ball (moves into channels and roaming should be on)

if the opp have a DM I would drop Isco to CM and push the two AMC's outwide and set play mixed passing..

have you struggled against playing a team with a DM in the past? has Isco been marked out the game at all?