How can i scout all of these players that are released from there clubs in June???


Jan 18, 2012
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Hey all ive just finished my first season and loads of players have been released from teams .. how am i able to scout all these players? i dont want to have to look at each one individualy?
You cant scout them the way you want after they are released. Only individually.

The alternative is to scout players as per usual ie send your scouts around the globe and put everybody they recommend in your shortlist permanently (this involves manually putting each back in it when you receive messages that they have been taken off your shortlists). This way you will not only have everybody scouted, you ll also get messages when they are about to go free.
int there an option in the touch down bar on the setting up scout assignment tab/page giving you an option to scout unattached players.
Send your scout with value up to £0 brings reports for all the players without a contract i would personally add potential at least 3 stars to this search