Oct 31, 2009
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I have been thinking of setting up a competition in Football Manager 2011 between my friends where everyone plays the same game from a save game folder I send them after I create it in my computer. I was just wondering is there anyway possible to make that save folder I´m going to create cheat free from FMRTE? This is my only problem in setting up this game because everyone is supposed to send me their folder after the season is finished and everyone is only allowed to save the game once in the end of the season (because the save folder counts how many times the game has been saved.). If anyone knows how this could be done then I would be grateful if he would tell me how.
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I already know that it´s not possible to use FMRTE if you are not playing as a host online. I´m looking for a solution to create a save game folder that is immune to FMRTE.
Yeah, it's possible. It's called trust... If you can't trust your mates not to cheat, it's probably best not to play with them.
Make a db in the editor and set the team's budget's who you lot are going to be.