How come I never did this?


If carlsberg did forums..
Apr 17, 2009
I just noticed I never after being on here for about a year so I felt like I may as well do it, I noticed this completely of my own accord (copied Chris and timmsy123).

So I'm Matt Wetherall(stalkers welcome), I'm 14 and the government make me go to school. I play for a team (who shall remain nameless) and we currently have 4 points from 17 or 19 games.

I support arsenal and can be found laying dead on cod 6 or skinned several times on fifa (gamertag = mattioso). I get ***** scared by clowns and clubs that obiously need a striker because RVP and Eduardo are dead and Bendtner can't hit a barn door. I also have never investigated into the wild world of network games because I don't ever understand anything.

Feel free to insult me in the replies or say anything you want really.

Love Matt