Mar 29, 2009
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Well its the question because its starting to do my head in. and tbh is a Joke.

Started a Game with Lech Poznan. Built My Team etc and Made it with a lot of hard work Beating Ajax in Play Off. Then After a League Game, Had to go out so saved and exited the game. (Didnt Turn off Half way through game.) exited like you should.

Came back today and My Gamesave "could not be loaded" nor, could any of the Rolling Back Up Gamesaves.

so who does this keep happening to me? its happened about 3 times.

and i DONT use FMRTE. either.
How old is your computer, or more importantly you hard drive? Corruption is a sign of a dying hard drive.
It just happens is all I can say. The best way to make sure the damage isn't as huge is to make sure you backing up your game regularly so that if your game does become corrupt you can just load up a slightly earlier save and continue.
Well, I have never had a problem with save game corruption, in any game.

I wonder if it is a SATA driver issue then. Check the website of your motherboard manufacture for updates. That or it could be a bios issue. When I first built my comp, it was ridiculously unstable until I updated my bios.
When you got a corrupt file the first time, did you delete the crash dumps folder?

If you don't it tends to keep happening on every save you have. Try that and then start up a new save.