How do I create wonderkids with random stats?


Dec 8, 2008
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Say I want a PA wonderkid of 190 who is 15, how do I create him without slecting stats and that It would be random and make it so he would actually reach that PA ability in the future of the game?
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Create them on Editor then make them a wonderkid with random stats on fmrte...?
Put 0 for the stats you want to be random. To make him fulfill his potential give him high determination, work rate, professionalism and maybe a few others, probably best to lower the controversy and injury proneness too (not to 0 though, that makes it random; 1 at lowest).
Make his PA 190, and his CA anything. Then select his stats that make him grow, like team work, ect. Eventually he will turn into a world class player. As long as he plays at a good club :)
if you create a guy in the editor, just fill in his CA to 150+ and his PA to -10, then you will get someone who has random stats, would be good to sart with and likely to be one of the best in the game in a few years.