How do I edit the foreign player limit in each league?


Feb 7, 2012
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How do I edit the foreign player limit in each league?

I want to make it so that teams in England can only field 5 foreign players per match, how do i do this?
its not problem for england but if you want to change it for all you must create files for each country...
How do I change Englands limit? am I missing the obvious?

Thanks for the reply :)
Great stuff thanks, if i use that the same time as another one of edits, will they both work?
Don't worry i sorted it. How did you manage this though? I want to do this for every nation. Is it an advanced editor job?
Ah! I really want to be able to set that rule for every nation!
its not easy even with advanced editor because there is only 10-12 nation files you can edit. rest is hardcoded and cant be edit. you will have to recreate whole fixture and discipline rule tree for every country. i can see wich countries i can edit but number is not big. one more thing. you can make nation (fixture and discipline rules) files in advanced editor for fm 2012. they will work in fm13. if you know how to use advanced editor this isnt problem
Apologies, a bit of a novice with this, but where do I need to save the downloaded englandforeign5.rar file to?