How do I play FM12


Mar 3, 2009
This game is quite different from football manger 11....

For me one of the main ways is the scouting report on your next opponent, and maybe im just **** but I can't seem to get the gist of this game, can someone help me!!

I am Arsenal... First season and I have made 2 signings.... Felllani (15 mill)

And Giovinco (15 and 7 mill)

Can't seem to pin point away to win a game... Ive lost the majority of them, and the 2 I won, I have no clue what I did correctly!
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Nov 6, 2009
You're not alone in your issues with Arsenal away. I think it's something programmed into the game to be honest. Untill you get some really top notch attacking players you'll have to play a rigid set-up, slow build up and counter attacking, maybe keep the pitch narrow and play a 4-1-2-1-2, it's stable and I've never had much success with wingers with Arsenal. When against a weaker opponent, you can go all out attack, but I'd keep it rigid. Play Wilshere and Ramsey no matter what, you could retrain Song as a CB too, especially since you signed Fellaini, he's a great partner for Vermaelen. I'd also suggest signing someone like Khediera or Cana for the gap left by Fabregas, Arteta is ok but....

Try these tactics and learn from them, see how they work and even if you use one that doesn't use the post match analysis tool to figure out why, then start making your own. Arsenal isn't easy for the first few seasons...