How do i stop going into administration

Nathan J

Feb 23, 2013
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Playing as Middlesbrough in 5th season and have over 20 mil in transfer kitty and plenty to spend on wages yet I've just had a message that we're going into administration, being deducted 10 points and everyone getting sold!

Anyway I can stop this? Either in game or purchasing something in the store?
yes, i'm losing 2 mill a month but is there anyway in fixing it?
what are your wages? u over? post up some pictures

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Seems a bit harsh, try switching your transfer budget into wages and see if it makes a difference? I would have thought they would have taken that off you before administration though
I'm 9.6 million in deb t overall - not terrible?

It might be terrible of your actuall bank balance are 9.6 million into red and you loose money every month. Here, you would in the end NOt be able to pay any loans, wages or even be able to afford to host a match with electricity, security etc.

The solution here is pretty simple: You have to cut costs and bring in money. Sell the high earners and most valuaded players.
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