How do you add an analyser polygon into a skin


May 22, 2010
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I've got a skin I love, except the fact there's no analyser polygon.

Any way to add it in?
If so, how would I go about it.
which skin is it? ill see if i can add it for you
give me 20 mins i think its pretty easy

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ok i managed to put it in but you would have to sacrafice the logo behind the player as the player picture is in place of the polygon,its up to you if you want me to upload it or not let me know
Yeah please, that's what I was hoping for :)
i know i'm Resurrecting an old thread, and sorry about that, but can anyone tell me how to do that?

I've got a skin that i want to use for fm12 (even though i have fm13 i prefer fm12) and it is perfect, apart from no polygon!

how can i add it?

Thankyou if you can help!.:D