Nov 28, 2009
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I've noticed a lot of people on here complaining that after a successful first season they struggle in their second season, I've also struggled with this even when playing as big clubs such as Man City, Bayern etc.

A lot of people seem to think that it's down to teams sitting back making it harder for you to break teams down and score, but how can you combat that if you're already playing an aggressive attacking formation? I tend to use an attacking 4231 with stronger teams.

People also tend to suggest switching your tactics around which would possibly require you to buy a host of new players if you don't have a versatile side.

Any suggestions are welcome, do I start using shouts to try to break teams down? If so which ones are most useful? Do I change my playing style, strategy or specific instructions? Does changing to a different formation against defensive teams give you more success? Let me know what has worked for you as when looking through some of the other threads on this topic a lot of people seem to be talking in riddles.

View attachment 371169 Here is a screenshot of the 4231 with Bayern as an example. What could I change to counter teams sitting back in this instance?
Get yourself sacked in the first season - then you don't have a problem :p