Dec 26, 2010
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I want to show everyone how great I am at this game, are there any competitions or network games going on here?
Yeah , there's a competition going....
Bragger of the Year - I think your nominated for it mate .
Only kidding pal , i'm not sure I only joined today
when you want to brag it is important to post screenshots too.
make your game into a story.
Release tactics that you have made.
Posting screenshots are pointless, proves nothing, that person could have easily kept restarting to get those results. Not saying that I've ever done that, just saying that people could do easily.
Thats why in the challenges you must post your game status page, which shows how many saves were made.

If necessary we can also ask you to upload the file so when can check it.
So you trying to say you're never allowed to save the game?

Limited number of times. Obviously it doesn't stop cheating, nothing can. Except SI, but alas they probably have more important things to do.
There's a way you can do a file and reload as much as you want before any given match, without it appearing on the save count, but I won't mention how due to potential cheaters reading.
I accept your duel padawan.


Try me <)
How do you compete on this site?

Naked mud wrestling competition with the mods. If you win, you're worthy.

Trolling competition with Scott. If you win, you're worthy.

Argument on Chelsea football club with CJACKO (any topic). If you win... if you win I am appointing you king.