How do you get different skins onto your game?


Dec 13, 2006
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Im kind of stuck....i download the skin, but then i dont know what and where to put it. help needed!
lol bless.

Erm, download and extract to;

C:/Porgram Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2007/Data/Skins

Then load up the game, and go to options>preferences>display & sound....then choose the skin from the drop down menu

Hope thats ok?..

Can't believe noone answered this before, poor.
yea thats brilliant. cheers mate.

another question though! how do you get the face packs and kits onto your game? ive tryed the same way i would do the skins, but it doesnt seem to be working.
Extact to Program Files>SI>FM07>Data>Graphics>Pictures>Players.
Same for kits but in kits as opposed to players.
And sometimes "cache skin" (or skin cache) needs to be unticked.
hi i just downloaded some liverpool face packs and done what you said extract them to Program Files>SI>FM07>Data>Graphics>Pictures>Players i have done this then loaded the game but when i have gone ov liverpool the faces arnt there could some one help me please
Make sure the skin can handle the size of the pictures you used (if using large pictures).....

and make sure skin cache is unticked....

Cant think of anything else.
hmm this might sound like a stupid question but which filder do i put the liverpool players folder in normal or small?
Did what you download have a small folder inside the download?

If yes just extract to Pictures>Players and "yes to all"

If no, then goes in normal.
the only thing inside apart from pictures is a notepad file and on that is what looks like codes
i just looked in a different team with pictures file nd the config is tht notepad doc but becasue its notepad its not workin i think i need to change it but i dont know how or what to lol god i feel useless
It shouldnt matter if it opens in notepad as long as its an XML file i think.

Everyone has trouble with pictures dont worry.
a dont know thanks for you help anyway :thup: , i just did the premiership badages one and that has worked :D