Dec 31, 2012
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All of you have amazing regens - how do you find them? ( I know about youth intake but do you find your regens from there) Thanks :)
Check big teams the day they get their regens. By this I mean Boca, Velez, River ect in Argentina. Santos, Corinthians ect in Brazil. I do this for pretty much all the big teams in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, France and sometimes Germany. Scouts pick up the odd regen in obscene nations.
I have 7 scouts, and I read their reports ;p

I found a 16yo keeper at psg that's already 3.5 stars :)
Player Search - Max Age (15,16,17+ depends on how far along you are in the game) - Sort by price - scout the most expensive ones first. They tend to be the best.

That's how it works for me anyway. Everyone has a different method.

EDIT: Or like mentioned above, scout reports.
I usually look at youth contracts on the player search when regens come in the game
U-19 tournaments and certain teams I usually watch closely at regen times. Genie scout just makes it too easy.
would u guys reccommend not using genie scout
Well, imagine the game being easy ( might be fun) and then when not using any cheating tools, the game not giving you the results you have gotten used to. In my opinion, only frustration will come out of it.
I never use genie scout and have got some pretty decent regens :) Just so you know don't just look at the value of the players... Also the stars don't tell you much... I got a regen that I bought for 500k when he is 16 that has the value at 3.5million after 1 season. It is a lot of about developing your awesome regens too :) some with potential 2.5 stars ones can really do an amazing job :) like I had this regen(striker) whose potential is 2.5 star and I play arsenal. His current ability is only 1 star at 18 y.o. and when I play him... In 2 appearance he already scored 3 goals in premier league... 2 goal against liverpool and 1 against ManU... So yea :)
Why do they put ''-'' in some of the attribute fields?
I use Genie, but only to check any beast (PA 200).

Scouts that are actually good will give you the regens you need, but having them and not playing them its a waste of time. Sometimes i found myself with 3 or 4 regens per position and its a waste, although i can't help it :D
I go into major clubs, start in Asia then to Africa then to Europe etc.. I manually go through every team and every player
Why do they put ''-'' in some of the attribute fields?

This is because you chose to enable attribute masking. It just means you have to scout them a few times to see their stats
I have 78% world scouting knowledge at the moment with 22 scouts and 4 affiliated clubs. Could hire more scouts, but I'm already struggling with the finances and will continue to do so until my new stadium is finished.

I also do something that some may consider somewhat of a cheat.. I know the regen-date for all countries (use google) and 1-2 months before a nation's regen-date i start a heavy search in that country for talent. This will ensure that I can see most attributes on other team's regens on the date they "spawn" and can snap them up on free (£0.2M to £1.5M compensation) if I like what I see. Things like "Tutored to be the next ***" or "Similar type of player to ***" is also something I'm looking for. High attributes but low star-rating often means low professionalism or ambition, but this can be tutored;)
I just look through three main teams. Boca Juniors always produce amazing players. PSG seem to always produce the best players in my saves. My own team, because they're free. The best countries for youth players seem to be Brazil, Argentina, France, and Spain. So just do heavy scouting in those areas around january - march every season.