How do you keep Blackpool in the Premier League


Dec 28, 2010
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How do you keep blackpool in the premier league. I have tried to do this about 8 times now and I have never been able to do it :(

What tactics do I need to use, what players should I sign or do you have any other tips to make this happen. So that I am able to finally keep Blackpool in the Premier Legaue. Also I have 4 mil budget to work with.

i actually think u are pretty much 95% guaranteed to go down, but u know if u are very committed and go into details with ur training and playmakers, set pieces etc u could probably do it with a few loans n free transfers
I imagine as Blackpool you have not alot of transfer funds,so you will probably depend on free transfers which isnt so bad because a few good players are free transfer such as : mendy,vassell,kapo,aliadiere and a few more you should try brining in some of these players because they're not bad at all,also i've noticed real madrid get fed up trying to sell m.diarra because nobody buys him so they set their asking price to 0 but this happens around november but this might only happen in my game
I took over blackpool in my second season in the championship,got them promoted and finished 8 in first season in premiership. I used a controlling 433 tactic with 2 advanced forward and a poacher. Try get Yaya Sanogo and Macheda on loan. You'll outscore most teams. Also try JP Woodys high scoring tactic.

Its important to use an attacking tactic as blackpool dont have the best defence so just try outscore the other team.
play without wingers.

with 5 cm in a diamond, 1-3-1 and 1 forward. deep, narrow and counter attacking. you will probably be between 10th and 15th come the end of the season,
not being conceited mate but try my tactic :) will find it in tactics section, I finished 7th with Blackpool using this, didnt buy anyone first season. Search Ozzy's 4-2-4 (SUPER TACTIC) set pitch size to standard.

I would usually just tell someone to make their own tactic based on the team they have, but giving that I tested this with Blackpool using the players already at the club, I thought this might come in handy for you

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