How easy is it to train players in new positions?


Jan 18, 2012
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Hey all hope your all good, my question is I'm playing as Dover like usual :) and I want to know with players at such a low level can they still be trained into new positions and if so how easy is it?
So long as the stats match the position I havent found it too difficult with Newport/Berwick/MK Dons. I am playing classic version atm as well so you can only play them there without retraining.

If your playing full game you have to retrain them using the individual training.

Hope this helps mate and good luck
I think it varies from player to player. There's a hidden stat called versatility. You can roughly tell that by how many positions the player can already palyer in. League level is not a problem. I've retrained players as low as BSS. But don't expect them to perform too well there until there are at least awkward or better