How effective is actively managing a match?


Feb 29, 2024
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I'm pretty new to FM and right now I'm trying to learn how to tweak my tactics to my opponent (opposition instructions, go more attacking/defending, time wasting,...). However, in my search for answers, the most common one was 'Just get better players'. I also see the most popular tactics on simulations (so no adjustments to the opponent) do pretty well.

So how much can you gain by actively managing a match? Has anyone experimented with this? Does it make a real difference, or is it just the illusion of control ?
If I'm going to spend hours trying to learn the ins and outs of tactics, I'd like to know what the pay off is.
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Basicly if you do not manage a match you leave it to your assistant manager to make the decisions.
Sure if you are new maybe that will be best, butr you want to learn and you quickly can make better decisions than the AI.

If you want to use instant resoult or holiday, do it for friendlies or cup competition you dont care about, but i recommend you manage every match, watch extended highlights and keep an eye on what formations the opposition uses to identify what you do and were it works well and were it needs a plan B.

Best of luck <3