How Fast..

6.025 was the best i could do, and i got it with my first go :)
7.09 on first go, but it took atleast a second to go to the screen with the time on. Is that normal?
not too sure...

if you look at the high score, it says people are typing the whole alphabet in just over a second :S
Well done, geek :p
It's because im lightweight and quick. :cool:
my best was 7.1 i cant get any quicker i mashed the keyboard and even tryed to get my fingers inpostion for the starting letters but i always lose it on the w,x,y,z
I always lose it on the last 4 as well!!!!!
Got 6.499 this time, I will give it a go tomorrow and see if I can improve on that :D
Gregor said:

so how u do it>

It isn't difficult, but on my first go i got about 6 seconds aswell.

Just get used to it but i can type quite fast anyway, because i am class.:cool:
wahey, got this score, i didn't realise it had sound :worried:

scrap that: i just beat it by 0.25 seconds