Nov 18, 2008
Reaction score
Just how long has players gone without scoring on fm because on my At.Madrid Lukaku has just gone which to me is a personal best 18 hours.

Wondering what other peoples longest goal drought was
Ive had Drogba go over 18 hours before.
Real shame when you know he has so much talent but can't get into form :/
I wasnt really concerned because the rest of my time were playing really good but I didnt think he went that long without scoring. My hope is he doesnt stop again need goals to keep above Real Madrid.
On FM10 I had one who went 27 hours without scoring >.<
Floccari went 23 hours without. Created loads of chances for him as well.
Never really had anyone key this bad out of form, but players like Ngog for example have gone into the 20's hours without scoring.
Wow. I feel my record of 10 is rather small, considering.
wen i was united berbatov went on a goal drought into the 30's hour mark
My Goal Keeper
Entire career.

Never specified strikers
rooney scored his target of 30 goals then gave up and hadn't scored in998 mins
^^ same i stuck hiom up front and he scored 2 times

but he has also scored whilst in goal -- it was sorta like robinsons goal against ben foster