How Many Leagues Do You Start With???


Jun 15, 2010
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hi guys n gals!

I play fm13 on an imac and football manager says my system runs at 5*s for everything (this is when one nation is selected to load e.g. england down to league 2).

Sooo i was wondering if i start the game with the major nations loaded eg spain italy germany france and holland would i get a better selection of players on my game i.e. more players in the database or will the game still max at 13,000 and just spread the players more over the selected nations?

I hope this makes sense and any input would be really appreciated.

Even if you could tell me how many and which leagues you load and what the quality of players and the size of the database that would be great. Im a bit of a noob so go lightly please :D
i have selected all the playable leagues with the input of downloaded leagues like saudi arabia, kuwait, UAE and qatar and the total count is over 100,000 players but i do get a good selection of players, bear in mind some are fairly useless but like to have a good selection and you might mind have real gem of a player.

selecting all the playable leagues only gives me half a star but runs runs normal!!
WOW really?

I will defo give it a try then.

Thanks Very Much corach1992
Corach1992 do you get any crashes? what is your pc abilities? I like huuge databases too...
WOW really?

I will defo give it a try then.

Thanks Very Much corach1992

I have all leagues from Europe running and some of the north & south americas aswell with a large DB and over 129,000 players

but I've just brought a new mac tho and it runs great :D, but on my old one it lagged like **** :x