Dec 26, 2010
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Be honest, no being afraid of people saying you have no life, i'll be totally honest with you. I got the game 2 days before it came out via, and so far i've done 10 seasons with Spurs, 8 with City and 5 with Sevilla and still going strong. I play about 6-10 hours a day, at my peak I can easily average a season a day, but that's only when I proper get into it. It's just really addictive, but people watch tv for that long each day, so it's not really a big deal imo.
164 hours according to Steam. Most of it is being AFK with my computer open though. Hahaha
3 days 21 hours. I only have 1 save so that is my total. Got it 2 days before release via I have done 1 season and 2 months in my only save. I play through rather slowly! :)
Don't know about hours... have second season games with Inter, Fiorentina, BVB and Deportivo, third season with Man City and fifth season with AFC Wimbledon

Thats in about a month or so
182 hours but I often leave fm on when I am on computer even if I'm not playing.
I have hardly played it over this Christmas period.

231 hours, so Steam says.
I play Football manager 2011 before it was even released
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I agree fm is addictive, but I think you lot need to get outside. Also if you have played 700 hours, you must have no life.

Anyway, I have played 37 hours since November. I have exams and stuff so I don't play too often, but 700 hours is ridiculous.