Apr 8, 2013
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Playing with Real Madrid(as always) and have brought in a lot of the real-life signings that the club has made. Illarramendi, Isco and Carvajal has been bought in alongside a superstar signing, which became Gareth Bale.

Before all these signings I've had no problems with formating the team and setting up all the different player roles. Now I have some hard time doing it, mainly in the attack.

The tactics is all set and done but now I need to set up my formation and I want to play an attack containing: Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Isco and Mesut Özil. I have Xabi Alonso/Luka and Sami Khedira/Illarramendi behind on the central of midfield. What do you belive is the best way to formate an attack containing these players? And what player roles should they have? (To get the most out of the players.)

It seems like you've got the depth and players to either play an offensive 4-3-3 (personally, my favorite all-time formation) or a wide 4-2-3-1. You play 3 central midfielders with at least an attacking mid (I usually play them as an 'Advanced Playmaker' with the attack duty) and then either a pair under him in the central midfield (I played a 'Deep Lying Playmaker' in support and a 'Ball-Winning Midfielder' in defense) or put the pair in the defensive midfield line (in which case I would probably play one as a 'Deep Lying Playmaker' and the other on 'Anchor Man').

With this you can play Ronaldo and Bale on the wings (and possibly enable them to switch wings which, as Ronaldo proved to great effect against United during the CL, he's capable of and is a defense's worst nightmare :'() and have someone to get them involved in the form of an attacking mid like Ozil, then you have a solid midfield which can recycle possession and shield your back line adequately. This allows you to do something similar to Hockey and almost play 'lines,' so that, unless injury or form necessitate a change, you can play something like:


Then switch to these players when you see fit:

(Madrid's 2nd Choice Striker)
Di Maria-Isco-Higuian

None of this is tested, but it's just a thought.
Slightly off-topic, but by 2023 I have 2 separate XIs that don't get mixed up, it just works. Anyway, Ronaldo could be a DLF A, Isco and Ozil the AMC and AMR/L both on AP, and Bale either inside forward or winger depending on which side is left free by the two playmakers.