Dec 19, 2010
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Hello, I am playing FM 2011and I am in the 2011-2012 season (pretty early eh) but I had an amazing season with Real the season before and this season China PR are looking for a head coach. Now Chinese is not one of my nationalities, but can/how do I apply for the job?
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I did search this on google and on the forums before hand and no help
Go yo first China national team and in right corner will show you "Apply For Job" and click.
It might depend on your database size as well, if your database does not cover smaller countries and leagues then you may not be able to manage smaller countries
Shame, it'd be interesting with the possibilities of a national pool like China's.
Yeah only some nations are playable others have to be loaded at the start to become playable
maybe its like the germany team? liscensing issues?
has china got real players or faded out ones?
yeah its annoying when things like this happen just have to live with it