How to average more passes per game?

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Nov 21, 2010
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I'm playing Arsenal with an attack-minded 4-2-3-1 formation. I dominate possession in just about every game but I only get close to 380 passes on average per game (84% success rate). How to get the 500-700 passes that Arsenal get in real life?
What are your team instructions?? and player roles and duties??
You should play control with a slow tempo and have a few good players who have good passing stats.
Arsenal do not get 600-700 passes per game.

400-550 is the usual for Arsenal.

as for you wanting to get more passes in a game,
have 'retain possession', 'pass to feet' and 'work ball into box' turned on

also your formation does not have to be attack minded, you just need to have a formation where players are free.
have a defensive midfield for your CB have and option of the DM,LB,RB,GK and the other CB.
have a player in an attacking midfield, CM will have a short option as well as the option of the LM,RM,CF

AND finally you need players who pass well and make good decisions
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