How to beat barcelona (especially away) - need a good counter tactic


Jan 2, 2009
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Hi guys

I am really struggling to get a good result against barca or equivalents opponents (bayern f.e.) in away games.

Altough I play on counter, my defence is still very vulnerable. How can I stabilize my defence plus hit on counter effective?

First year I won spanish league. Second and third I reached the second place and lost also the final of the champions league against them.

I need help with my counter tactic and with opposition instructions.

Here is the tactic, which I used as a counter tactic in cl final:

Opposition Instructions:
No matter what I set up, its not good enough, especially against messi or pedro.

Can you give me advices, when to tackle hard or not, when to close down or not and wenn to mark tight or not. I really have problem with these setting.

Which setting would you use f.e. for messi or pedro???

I use shouts for away games like these:
Pass Into space, drop deeper, exploit to flanks, run at defence
That a not very defensive formation, I'd drop the two CMs back to DMs if you plan on playing defensive counter attacking against the likes of Barca/Bayern etc. You'll have issues just trying to soak up the pressure at times which is what you should generally try to avoid anyway.
I beat them four times home and away. Using 4-1-2-2-1 with defensive wingers 2 ball winners and an anchor man. High line, pressing zonal marking narrow control strategy. Counter attack ticked. Restricted them to just 3 shots first time I played them and Messi only got 5.6 match rating. Proudest moment of my life!!!