Mar 19, 2010
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Hello all,

I am interested in purchasing this game but unfortunately don't have the patience and dedication that many of you have. As a result, I need some tips to break the game. I want to:

-Know the CA and PA of all the players and find all the cool Wonderkids
-Win each game by like 10 goals without having to save and reload
-No injuries
-Have all my players easily reach max potential

Any cheats, mods, or ways to do that? If it's possible to do some of the above, I'll buy it.

Edit everyone in FMRTE, there's something you can do to have players moral etc be sky high, it makes you win games with ease. Although I can't see the fun in all of that haha, each to their own I guess.

Have a look at everything FMRTE can do
Sure. Just get FMRTE or another real time editor.
Whats the point in even playing if you know your going to win?
Really don't see the point to this. It's like asking someone for a game of fifa but telling them they can't use the controller. But each to their own!
I dont think any Liverpool supporter ever has

Its why they always walk alone ;)