Sep 26, 2012
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I play with a 4-3-1-2 formation (3 central mids) so my approach to matches is quite narrow with shorter passing.

I have been doing quite well with it, but when I come up against a wider formation, or one that uses AML/AMR, i tend to struggle more than usual.

How can I go about countering such a formation with my own 4-3-1-2?
How can opposition instructions help me with the wingers?

An obvious answer would be to counter it with a wider tactic/formation myself, but what if I do not have the players in my squad to utilise a wider tactic/formation for these occassions???

One tactic/formation that gives me particular trouble is the 41221 (1 dm, 2 cm's, 2 wingers, forward).
It depends on the type of players they have. If they have a big striker, and score predominantly from crossing, then play with a higher line. If the wingers are fast or good at dribbling/flair then you can't close them down too much, but if they are slower and aren't as good as dribbling, again with good crossing, then close them down.

Also, get your fullbacks to stay back, and set 2 of your attacking players to man mark and opposing winger, with tight marking :)