Jan 23, 2011
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I'm managing Inter and I've currently got the following striker line-up:

Alexis Sanchez
Hulk (18yr-old regen)
Pappalardo (20 yr-old regen)
Ferreira (19yr-old regen)

All of my wonderkid strikes have become good all at once, worthy of regular bench spots at the very least. I shouldn't have bought Sanchez but he was offered to me for £5m and was the Serie A top scorer. Neymar and Sanogo are on top form. The 3 regens have also rejected several loan moves.

I need to get rid of two ideally, I think I might sell Kadlec because he's not brilliant. How do you decide who to sell when there isn't an obvious choice?
Well that is very easy mate.
Choose who perfoms and who you like :)
I always sign the players i like.
Like if i were city i would sell Tevez cause i hate him :p.
Just follow your heart :)
It depends what formation you are using because I think that Kadlec can play AML and can't Sanchez play on the wing as well?
Yeh, should've mentioned I'm using 4-1-2-1-2 so no room for wingers and no plans to introduce any either.
personal preferance and who plays the best is how i would sort that out :)
What I would do is:
Split them into 2 teams, one for home and one for away for example.
(Best Striker Regen) + Sanogo + (3rd regen as backup) when fighting when home
Neymar + Sanchez + (2nd regen as backup) when fighting when away
Kadlec only for substitudes.