How to delete patch. "Please insert Game disc."


Jun 6, 2009
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I always run my game from Steam, but since I did not get the latest update from Steam I downloaded the update straight from the FM website. Now every time I open FM11 with Steam, it says: "Disc not found, please insert disc".
I think that if I can delete the patch then I will be okay, but I can't find it anywhere.
You will have gotten the latest update, i suspect you think you haven't because 11.2.1 isn't selectable as a database, am i correct?

To correct the insert disc error you will need to uninstall and reinstall FM, remember to backup any custom graphics and save files first.

11.2.1 made no database changes so won't be selectable as a DB, to see whether you are running the 11.2.1 patch, start a new game with 11.2, then go to your game status screen and look at your game version.

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There is a way to delete the update files, but it can be tricky and there is no definitive location as each OS places them in a different place, a reinstall is easier.
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Okay thanks. I'll still have all my old saves or should I back them up on my USB?

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Oh, didn't read your post properly. lol