Sep 9, 2009
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Just curious about how to edit competition prize money and/or TV money. Just asking as I have searched the forums and cannot find a page that answers the question. Sorry for asking the question if it has already been answered.
what competition? be more specific and i will do it for you
Just wanted to know how to edit nPower Football Championship as well as tv rights in England. I am pretty savvy with editing you can tell me on how it is done. I just hope it can be done using the editor.
How do you get one of them, are they available on this site or other fan sites?
no. its not supported by SI so you cant find it easy. you can get it from someone who has it allready
I realised when I downloaded one of those files that included leagues that are not already with the game (i.e. Egypt) that you can edit that nation rules such as Work Permits and prize money. Now I am wondering how the **** do I go about editing the English Premier League and nPower Championship. So far I have been looking up any data files that include the Engand Nation rules but so far none of them have allowed me to edit prize money.
Are you able to create a England nation file that allows the edit of prize money and etc? Do you know anyone who has the advanced editor, as I cannot find it, and have been looking hard, only finding the one for 2010.
i have but i cant give it to anyone. i can make changes you want and sent you file...
Thanks man I will sign on straight away. Thankyou krlenjuska as well you have been a great deal of help. Stil testing at the moment but I think everything is sweet.