How to get better knowledge about the tactics?


Apr 7, 2010
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I recently got the joy back from playing FM (Hough honestly ruined the fun for me when I started using his tactic :p) from making my own tactic. What I did was making a simple formation using my squad, and tweak the mentality and closing down settings like I got suggested to. It worked for a while, but now I can't think of anything else than making more options (Attacking vs less skilled teams, defensive vs stronger teams, home and away etc) and I was wondering if there's any proper guide to get a better understanding of the settings? I've looked around a few places, and read some of the ones on here, but I'm not really any smarter.

More specific: Do you got any tips for editing or tweak tactics for my squad (Manchester United)? I mean key players to look at, defensive setups and also individual tweaks with mentality, passing etc? Also I’m struggling with the creative freedom. To me “rigid” seems like the only option for a top team like Manchester United (which I am atm).
I’m thinking of making a tactic that evolves around Anderson (not necessary), and it’d be awesome if you could give me some tips on how to do this. I also have well skilled players such as the starting Manchester United squad + Pastore, Dzeko and the talents Lukaku and Hazard.

And last, what attributes will I be looking after to see what tactics that fits my players, team and performance on the field? How do you go from playing a long ball to a lone strike, to playing like Barcelona/Arsenal/Spain? I mean, I can see from the attributes to Pastore that he’s born for a AMC Advanced playmaker – Attack role, but I can’t fill a team with those attributes.

It would be awesome if anyone on here could help somehow. Thanks for any reply.

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No one got any tips for this? If there's no replies after this, I wont bring it back up again.

If theres some information you need, I'll be happy to give you it. Just ask.