How to get good players in edited team?


Jan 15, 2010
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basically i have created a team and put them into the third division in scotland
i have put all the attributes (youth development, facilities, money, reputation) really high and but when play with them with fake players the players that are generated are rubbish :( how do i get them to generate good players?
No matter how good your youth setup is you will only find one or 2 regens that can develop to first team each year unless your realy lucky... May have something to do with being in the 3rd Division though but not sure about this.
Well, you can't get good regen players even if you play in a 4 star league so if you want to have good players, invent random names, set them on a contract with your club, make their CA/PA and positions and if you want to bother fill in their stats and you'll get really good players.
oh right so if i put like 20 players in with ca/pa's of between 150/200 then when i do it with fake players they will generate heaps of players with that ca/pa?
no, the game generates players depending on your league reputation - better the league, better players.

E.g. if you're playing in third division you can't expect the game to create players, who'll be top signing for top division. If you're REALLY lucky, maybe one will be.

If you want to have great players, you'll have to create them your self via editor or FMRTE (you can change generated players ca/pa)
Your grammar isn't great. Don't really understand what you said there. If you make 20 players in editor with CA 150 and PA 200 it means that the game will create these 20 players with random ages, positions and names. May be worth your while to give them date of births as well so then they will all be young.