Nov 15, 2010
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Hello I am currently testing my own tactic with Arsenal and Dortmund. It is fluid control classic 4-2-3-1 with wide wingers. Everything works really fine except of my AMC (ticked as playmaker) isnt enough involved in the game nor in final phase. Most of assists come from wingers (obviously) but also my CMs are making more assists than my playmaker (Cazorla, Thiago). He is scoring some goals but I want mainly assists from him.

Passing is ticked through the middle but I am still not satisfied with his role. Is there any way to make him more final passes? Thanks
Set through balls to often, passing mixed, wide play to move into channels, let him roam from position, run from deep to sometimes/rarely and run with ball sometimes. He's most likely being marked or getting outnumbered in the areas where he is so you need to make him move more and drop deeper to receive balls.
I think he posesses these instructions already. I will check it asap. Currently playing him as advanced playmaker attack. Is there any difference in another roles such as APsupport, Attacking mid or even trequartista?
Is you want him to get more assists then AP support or AM support, but that way you will get less goals! To be honest, if he is getting goals and your team is doing well I don't see why it matters...
Thank you, will try different settings. I am just not satisfied with his performance most of the time. For my no. 10 he could do much better! I have similar issue with Gotze in BVB