How to get my liverpool team back playing well again


Dec 9, 2010
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Right this is my first post so wasn't sure were to put it but anyway straight 2 the point i am in my second season with liverpool coming off a pretty successful first season winning the league and league cup and the semis of europa league ( Knocked out due to worst injury crisis ever )

Im now in my second season and got off 2 a good start in my first 5 to 10 games winning all but 1 drawing the other then BOOM!!!! they are just playing awful finding it very very difficult to beat any team no matter how poor they were it is very irrotatating as i have some class players torres, gerrard, dzeko, neymar, elia, hazard to name a few i have tried switching tactics, swapping players, dropping players, changing formations, changing philosiphy but no luck.

If anyone can help it would be very appreciated as its stopped me playing the game because its annoyed me so much cheers !!
its been going on for about 10 games now but it just looks like its gettin worse an worse i am very lucky to still be in the title race
Maybe you shouldn't change your tactics that often as playing with a consistent tactic seems to be best overall.

Another issue might be the player morale and/or your team talks. Maybe when the 'bad run' started you only contributed to it instead of helping... Maybe you just need to be a bit more encouraging.
to be honest i would try do little things like morale if low try putting another player in and team talks to pick them up try not 2 change tactics that worked unless u have to.
i am liverpool at the moment and torres was low on morale but i dint want to drop him i went had chat with him and said try pick yrself up for nt match after 60 mins he was still poor ngog came on scored twice but after game on bench after he slowly came bk (i know u cant do that with 11 players) but try team talk thing.
Well 6 games later 2 draws 3 defeats and scrapping past hussersfield in extra time its not improving i have improved team talks gone back to usual tactics but still struggle to score clear cut chances im starting to think i have lost the dressing room but how can that happen just like that from a winning mentality ???

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3 games later and its proved me wrong beating stoke 4-0 away villa 5-1 away and bristol city home 8-0 so i think its getting better fingers crossed
How to get my liverpool team back playing well again

Is that you Woy?

Anyway, try Wolfsong's team talk guide, that generally works for me if I'm on a bad run.
I think you should try and follow the backroom's advice and and your assistant manager's feedback during the game....Or you can do this: Dont take control of the game and let your asst manager play the match to see what will happen!
Your players morale is the problem [as well as the other teams knowing what you're going to deploy.] First, get that morale up! Play an easy friendly against a pretty **** team. Then, go into your pre-match meeting and look at what they say, what does the next team struggle with? Is it narrow playing? Slow tempo? Adjust your tactics to suit and you'll get a few wins. Yeah, your players may not be used to it, but they will. ;)
do ya know were wolfsongs team talk guide is m8 am new to this site ???