How to get youth players to join me for reasonably cheap?


Jan 16, 2012
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I am really struggling to find good regens for reasonably cheap and it is really frustrating i don't have that much money as i am lazio so i can't improve my squad any other way and i was wondering if any one had any tips for me?
Scout brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Japan! I always seem to find top regens from these regens. Ghana always seem to produce 1/2 players with amazing stats every 2/3 years
My problem isnt finding players i have found players worth 100k put in 1.5 million pound bids but the clubs reject even if they are in financial difficulty.
Sign them before they sign a professional contract With their club, then you get them cheaply on compensation and develop them into beasts
My scouts dont find them that quickly though im only lazio i dont have the reputation or the money to get top scouts
do your own scouting on player search usually helps a lot and i find march 6th on wards is the best time
I have so many scout with 20/20 and they hardly find regens. I also have phil cannon as head of youth development an he signs me **** players so I have to wait like 3 years before I can release them so annoying