Aug 16, 2010
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Currently playing a save with Aberystwyth Town in the Welsh Premier League and I have won the Welsh League 6 times in a row and have qualified for the Europa League group stages 3 times. The problem is that despite my domination in the league I'm only averaging 400 odd for my attendances in the league. I understand that this is probably to do with the low reputation of the league but I would have thought my league attendances would improve to be at least the best in the league with the success we've had (currently averaging the 5th best league attendances). When I play European games at home I get attendances of around 5000 so I can't understand why there is such a big difference between the two. So........ does anyone know how I can improve my league attendances or is it just a case of trying to improve the league reputation???​
I would guess it is simply to do with the league you are in. If you are not seeing an increase every season then in all probability it is unlikely to happen at least to get to the stage of filling your stadium regularly.
Gary Speed Challenge right mate?

I'd say you have to improve the league as a whole which means you've got to progress further in European competition, like knocut stages etc, to boost it's rep and get better players, as you sign more, more keep coming, legue improves and attendances go up.
As Fish said if the area around only has a small population unfortunately no how successful you are you won't be able to grow attendance by much. The only way to change this is by playing with the editor.

It does seem a bit strange you have such as large difference between league and European games through. How high are your attendances against league rivals and other big league teams? Do you have higher rep than all the other teams in the league? I would think you do after winning 6 titles but not knowing the Welsh leagues were they bad before you took over?