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How To Insert Logos into FM11.

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Why So Serious?
Apr 14, 2009
As usual, there is threads popping up regarding the inserting of graphics into FM11. This thread will explain it in simple words, so even the most dim person can understand.

- Firstly, navigate to the following folder -
User(Your Name)/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/graphics.
If there is no 'graphics' folder in the Football Manager folder, simply create the folder.

- Open the folder, and firstly, I suggest seperating the folder for future use - Like this Screenshot below -

Even if you don't have any of those downloaded, making the folder now will save time.

Now the folders are ready, it is time to download and insert the graphics -

- Download the graphics that you want to use from the site. You will usually find that graphics are all uploaded in one of two types of file. RAR or ZIP. These are used to firstly make the file smaller for uploading/downloading, and also to archive the information for later use.
To 'extract' the files from this, I would strongly recommend downloading WinRAR, which can extract all of the main archive file formats.

Once this is downloaded and installed, go to the archive file, which will usually look like this -

and change the destination to -
User(Your Name)/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/graphics/logos.

- Now, in game, press CTRL+P to open Preferences. Click 'Display & Sound', and set yours at the right hand side like the screen below -

Hit Confirm, and wait whilst the game processes the changes, and admire your new graphics!!

This will be stickied in each section that is relevant, so there are no excuses for finding it. Anyone who makes a thread regarding what is above will be warned/infracted.
Not open for further replies.