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How To Install A Skin In Football Manager

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Why So Serious?
Apr 14, 2009
This will be put up to prevent threads asking how to install a skin onto Football Manager 2011.

1 - Download the skin that you want.

2 - Once the file has downloaded, you will need WinRAR to extract the contents. You can Download it HERE.

3 - 2) Once downloaded right click on the flex09.rar file and choose WinRAR > Extract Files...

4 - Change the destination path to -
User(Your Name)/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/skins.

You may need to create this folder.

5 - Run FM11, press CTRL+P to open Preferences. Click 'Display & Sound', and set yours at the right hand side like the screen below -

Once you have done that, hit Confirm, or Reload Skin, and wait whilst the game processes the files, and the skin should load up.

This will be stickied in the skins section of the site, so anyone who makes threads without searchingwill be warned/infracted.​
Not open for further replies.