How to let my board get a feeder club?


Dec 31, 2012
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I want a feeder so I can send my youth players/regens out for some experience - but my board keeps Denying it?

Please help!
become a club legend and tell them "If this request isn't granted..." they "always" listens to you if you're a legend:d
press F11, and see "Legends" "Icons" and "Favored personnel" , when you get to the top, most, if not all, your requests to the board will be accepted;)
The option to talk about feeder club in now blacked out so I can't click on it?? how long till I can??!
Bout 3 months

What level is your club? And do you have any other Feeders?
Is there a limit for feeder clubs? Never cared much about them honestly as every player I sent there developed nothing (or almost nothing) at all. Better keep them at home and kick their *** if they refuse to increase their stats.
I don't use feeder clubs to loan players out to. I control both my first team and reserve squad. That way my reserve/youth players have a chance to improve with anyone playing well being considered for the first team. I also aim to win the reserve league at the start of the season. You'll find when managing the reserve squad that any team talk given inspires the players as they know impressing you will earn them a place in the first team. Possibly try this suggestion instead of sending your players to teams with no promise of first team football or any development there.