How to look for high PA new regens?


May 16, 2010
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I'm in my third season and looking at training 4-5 players around the age of 15-17 for the future. Most wonderkids cost too much at this time.

How do I know if a player has high PA? Do I trust the scout entirely on the number of stars? Eg 5 stars from scout means at least 180 PA?

Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Haha. So does everyone use the genie scout app? Just wondering because I'm about to start my third season, I've got a squad w Newcastle that has just won the champions league, signed 4 more players during the off season and probably a team that can last for the next 3 seasons.

Reason I ask is because since I've signed the better known talents for the start game, it would be quite boring to sign the best youngsters using genie scout and pretty much rule the game. Are there no signs I could look out for in the regens?

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Jeez Montanaro, dat sass. Anyway, I like to look at the u21 and u19 national teams, and also search through the youth squads of teams with good regens, like man u, lyon, barca, etc. Brazil is always fun because you find gems with 200k release clauses :)
also, if your scout has a high enough CA and PA judgement stat, then trust the star ratings
Thanks guys. Those are good starts i'll be working on. Cheers =)
I often tend to search up some key stats so say i search first touch, dribbling, creativity all at least 13-15 if any players appear get a scout report going and see what the scout says :)
From my experience using Genie, not all 200 PA players are good. Having 20 on finishing and composure with a PA of 120 is way better than a PA of 200 with the same stats at 10.

So, having the best scouts with 20 in the right attributes is the way.
I dont use genie. Played cm series since 1996. I find scout and genies programs destoyes the fun after 5-6 sesons.
I dont use any help and find the search for the future stars a big part of the game.

How i found the good ones :
- search u19 u19 u21 nat teams each year. specially look for players who just got created (check history) and get chance in nat teams.
-search smaller national teams and look for young players in senior squads. often good 18 years can be found there.
- use filter to sort young players. set filter to max 17 or 16 and the sort em by value- after that check players from smaller clubs with lesser rep. the high rep clubs youth automaticly get high value. But a high value youth from a low rep club is useally a future star.
- also keep an eye transfer rumours. If a young player is wanted by the world rep clubs then hes a future wonderkid, but policeys should be sign them before others show intrest.
- use the scouts to scouth youth competetions ,u21 championships and so on. use scouts with 20 determaine future potential. If they say 4,5+ stars useally its a future starting eleven player.