How to make a domestic Lower league cup competition?


Aug 29, 2018

I want to play with a club in the lower leagues of Italy, thats why i'm activating the Serie D, Eccellenza and the Promozione in the editor.
From Serie D there are 36 teams that relegate to the "Eccelenza" and from the Eccelenza there are 28 teams that get promoted directly to the Serie D, there is also a promotion playoff from where the 7 winners of that playoff get promoted to the Serie D as well. One more place to Serie D is allowed to the winner of the "Coppa Italia Dilettanti" (Amateur Italian Cup). a year-long competition between all the national teams of both Eccellenza and Promozione.

Now the problem is that when I'm activating the Coppa Italia Dilettanti in the Editer I can't find a way to give a promotion spot to the Serie D to the winner of this Coppa Italia Dilettanti....

Do you guys maybe know how I can do this?