How to Make my Juve team better(On 3rd Season, using Raikans tactic)


Sep 8, 2011
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GK- Buffon,Opsina
DR- Licheinsteiner,Caceres
DC- Bonucci,Barzagli,Masi,Chiellini
DL- Enrique,Willems
CM/DM- Pirlo,Vidal,Marchision,Sissoko,Asamoah
AMR- Pedro,Isco
ST-Papiss Cisse,Ba,Benzia,Welliton

Need good youth and some other players that would break the first team aswell but mainly youth.

1st season- Won the league, Italian Super Cup
2nd season- Won league, Italian Super Cup and Champions League beating city in the final 3-2:O

Im using Raikan's Might and Magic tactic which is a 4-2-2-2 formation.
Ademilson is an amazing young player, I'm in my 4th season with Swansea, and he has bagged the Golden Boot two years in a row. He scores a redic amount of goals: (PL Stats) 1st Season: 25, 2nd Season: 37, 3rd Season: 27.. Bags a lot of assists as well. Just play him as a poacher and he tears teams apart!
Create your own tactic (This isn't a rant about how you should play the game, don't worry haha :))! I haven't used other people's tactic since FM11, and it is much more fun without it!

If you have had bad experiences in the past with making your own tactic, keep whatever you currently used as one of the backup tactics, and maybe also take inspiration from it! :)
I suggest buying regens in the third season who are 18/19 as they will be able to last you much longer than those who are already in the team ... Also do whatever you can to buy Carlos Fierro ... I bought him for Napoli and hes won world player of the year twice, has helped me win the league 5 years in a row along with 3 champions leagues... I play him as a lone deep lying forward .

Also, I dont know your budgets but also try and buy Willian and play him as an AMC (inside forward) hes a complete BEAST! Finally, I suggest like Scotty98TR to make your own tactic as it makes it much more satifying when you win and makes the game more enjoyable